Suga from BTS unveils solo album D-DAY’s track list featuring a J-Hope collaboration

The South Korean boy band BTS has taken the music industry by storm with its phenomenal success. The band members are not only known for their group performances, but they also have individual solo projects that have gained immense popularity. Suga is widely recognized as a talented rapper and producer among the BTS members.

Recently, Suga announced the track list for his solo album, D-DAY, which features a collaboration with fellow BTS member, J-Hope.

In this post, we will discuss Suga’s upcoming solo album and explore the details of his collaboration with J-Hope.

Overview of Suga’s Solo Album – D-DAY:

Suga’s solo album, D-DAY, is one of the highly anticipated releases of the year. Fans have been eagerly waiting for the album since its announcement. The album’s title, D-DAY, suggests that the release will be significant, and fans expect nothing less than a masterpiece from Suga.

The album’s tracklist was recently revealed, featuring ten tracks. The titles of the tracks are “Burn It,” “D-2,” “Interlude: Set Me Free,” “Daechwita,” “What Do You Think?,” “Moonlight,” “Honsool,” “People,” “Dear My Friend,” and “22.” The album’s release date has not been announced yet, but fans are hoping for a surprise drop.

Collaboration with J-Hope:

One of the most exciting aspects of Suga’s solo album, D-DAY, is his collaboration with fellow BTS member, J-Hope. The two have worked together on several occasions, and fans are thrilled to see them collaborate again.

The collaboration track on D-DAY is titled “Burn It.” Suga and J-Hope and the producer, Hiss Noise, have participated in the track’s production. The way is expected to be a high-energy rap song showcasing Suga and J-Hope’s rap skills.

The two rappers have unique chemistry when collaborating, and fans expect nothing less from “Burn It.” Their previous collaborations, such as “Outro: Tear” and “Ddaeng,” have been widely popular among fans, and they are hoping for another hit from the duo.

Suga’s Solo Tracks:

Besides the collaboration with J-Hope, Suga’s solo tracks on D-DAY have piqued the fans’ interest. Suga is known for his exceptional rap skills and ability to produce music that resonates with fans.

One of the tracks on D-DAY, “Daechwita,” has already been released as a single and has been a massive hit among fans. The track features traditional Korean instrumentation and a heavy bass line, giving it a unique sound. The song lyrics are a tribute to traditional Korean military music, showcasing Suga’s pride in his Korean heritage.

Another track on the album, “Interlude: Set Me Free,” is expected to be an emotional ballad that showcases Suga’s singing skills. Suga has previously demonstrated his vocal abilities in tracks such as “Nevermind” and “The Last,” Fans are excited to see him explore this side of his music.

Suga has also teased the track “Honsool,” which is expected to be a laid-back track that discusses the joys of drinking with friends. The track’s title translates to “drinking alone,” It is expected to be a relatable song that many fans will enjoy.


Suga’s solo album, D-DAY, is a highly anticipated release, with fans eagerly waiting for its drop. The album’s tracklist features a collaboration with J-Hope and¬†several solo tracks by Suga that showcase his exceptional rap and production skills. Fans are excited to see Suga and J-Hope collaborate again, hoping for another hit from the duo.

Suga has already given fans a taste of what’s to come with the release of “Daechwita,” which has been widely popular among fans. The track’s unique blend of traditional Korean instrumentation and modern hip-hop beats has been praised by fans and music critics.

In addition to “Daechwita,” Suga’s solo tracks on D-DAY are expected to be just as impressive. Fans are excited to hear Suga explore different genres of music and showcase his vocal abilities in ways such as “Interlude: Set Me Free.”

Suga’s upcoming solo album, D-DAY, is expected to be a significant event in the music industry. With the tracklist featuring a collaboration with J-Hope and several impressive solo tracks by Suga, fans eagerly anticipate the album’s release. Suga has already proven himself as a talented rapper and producer. Fans are excited to see him take on new challenges and explore different aspects of his music in his upcoming album.

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