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More Staff Exit Twitter after Elon Musk’s Final Ultimatum

Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) is a company that’s been under a lot of pressure lately. With the recent news that Elon Musk has sent out an ultimatum to his employees, it’s no wonder why. The demands that Musk has made—including increasing production and fixing the company’s production line issues—have led to mass staff departures. Musk may be in control of Tesla, but he doesn’t have total control over his employees. If you’re thinking about leaving Tesla, or any other company for that matter, be sure to do your research first. You may not have enough leverage to get what you want if you leave without a plan in place.

Elon Musk and Twitter

After a tumultuous year of rumors and executive departures, Elon Musk has made one last demand of his employees: that they stay on Twitter.

On Wednesday, Musk issued an ultimatum to staff in an email obtained by The Verge: “If you are not committed to the mission, the company, and our values then you can leave.” He followed up with a tweetstorm later that day, urging employees to focus on their work and arguing that abandoning social media would harm its growth.

The email comes after months of speculation about whether or not the embattled CEO was losing support within his company. Earlier this year, Tesla’s vice president of engineering, Jason Wheeler, left after clashing with Musk over product development. And most recently, SpaceX CTO Greg Punjabi resigned after six years on the job.

Critics have argued that Musk’s management style is chaotic and lacks clear goals. But supporters say he is always pushing the envelope and helping to change the way people commute and work.

Elon Musk final ultimatum on twitter

Earlier this week, entrepreneur and Tesla CEO Elon Musk issued a series of tweets that have led to the departure of several high-profile employees from his company. In his tweets, Musk stated that he would “either be gone or merge with another company” if he did not receive a commitment from Tesla’s board of directors to pursue profitability and a share price above $420 per share by October 7th.

Since issuing these tweets, several employees have left Tesla – including Chief Technology Officer Jeffrey Bussgang, Head of Global Sales & Marketing Jerome Guillen, and Director of Vehicle Engineering Doug Field. In an email sent to employees on Wednesday morning, Musk wrote: “I want to make it clear that I am extremely disappointed with the direction of the company. The past year has been very difficult for everyone here… My goals are still valid and I believe we can turn things around.”

This final ultimatum raises many questions about Tesla’s future. While some speculate that the layoffs are related to Musk’s tweets, others speculate that they may be unrelated. Regardless of the reason behind them, these layoffs underscore the precarious position in which Tesla finds itself.

Why is staff exiting twitter after Elon musk’s handover Twitter?

Since Elon Musk’s departure from Twitter, the company has seen a large number of employees leave. Some employees say that Musk’s final ultimatum, which called for the company to reduce its workforce by 7% and restructure its management, was the final straw. Others say they were unhappy with Twitter’s increasing focus on video content and saw little opportunity to grow their careers within the company. Some have also cited a lack of transparency and communication as reasons for their departure.

What is the future of Twitter after Elon musk’s handover?

After tweeting an ultimatum to employees, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has resigned from his post. Twitter has not been the same since he left.

Shortly after announcing his departure, Musk sent another tweet that read “the future of Twitter is now in the hands of many great people.” It seems like he’s leaving the company in good hands with new CEO Jack Dorsey taking over on August 7th. Some of Musk’s former colleagues are optimistic about what Dorsey will do for Twitter.

“He gets it,” wrote one person on Twitter about Dorsey. “Twitter needs to be less about preaching to the choir and more about engaging with a diverse range of users.”

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