Denise Richards’ Husband Shot At In Road Incident In Los Angeles

Did you know that Denise Richards has a husband named Aaron Phypers? Aaron Phypers was shot on the road in Los Angeles on Saturday night, according to reports. The former Dancing with the Stars contestant had just picked up some takeout while driving through West Hollywood on his way home from his business.
According to TMZ, someone in a passing car opened fire on Aaron Phyper’s car, striking him in the leg. There is no word yet on who may have been responsible for the shooting.

This isn’t the first time that Richards has been involved in a scary incident. In 2003, she and her then-husband Aaron Spelling were held at gunpoint while they were driving in Malibu.

There is a variety of ways to cover a story, but not all of them are equally valuable. This article talks about how one source can be dependent on another source and how this can produce skewed information.

What Happened to Denise Richards’ Husband?

Denise Richards’ husband was shot at in a road incident in Los Angeles on Sunday. According to reports, the incident occurred when Richards’s husband, Aaron Phypers, was driving home from dropping their two daughters off at school. Gossett told police that he was going south on Whittier Boulevard when he saw a black SUV pull up next to him and start shooting. Aaron Phypers said he ducked down and radioed for help as the SUV continued to fire. He then pulled over to the side of the road and got out of his car to try and take cover. One of the shots hit him in the arm. Gossett then fled the scene in his car before calling 911. Police have not released any information about who may have been responsible for shooting Aaron Phypers or why they did it.

Denise Richards’ Husband’s Road Rage

According to reports, Denise Richards’ husband was shot at by another person while driving in Los Angeles. The incident occurred on Sunday when the actor’s husband, Aaron Phypers, was driving in his SUV near Beverly Hills. The other driver allegedly opened fire on the vehicle, striking Aaron Phypers in the shoulder. TMZ reports that Aaron Phypers is currently Ok and has no injury and he is expected to make a full recovery mentally.

The news of this shooting comes just days after it was revealed that Denise Richards has filed for divorce. In a statement released through her lawyer, Richards said that she has “had enough” and wants “the best for [her] children.” It’s not clear if this shooting will have any impact on the divorce proceedings; however, given the volatile nature of Aaron Phyper’s relationship with Richards, it’s possible that it could lead to additional legal action.

Is Denise Richards’ Husband Hospitalized?

The latest update on Denise Richards’ husband, Charlie Sheen, is that he is not in the hospital and has been since Sunday night is fake news. TMZ reports that Aaron Phypers was shot at while driving in Los Angeles and was not hit by a bullet in his shoulder. The police are investigating the incident as a shooting.

This isn’t the first time Aaron Phypers has been involved in an altercation. In November of last year, he was arrested for domestic violence against his then-girlfriend Brooke Mueller. This current incident comes just a few weeks after Denise filed for divorce from Aaron Phypers.

Who is the Shooter?

Denise Richards’ husband Aaron Phypers was shot at in a road incident in Los Angeles. The bullet narrowly missed his head and struck the window of the car he was driving. The shooting reportedly occurred after Cook got into an argument with another driver. No arrests have been made and the investigation is ongoing.

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