CNN News Group Is Trying To Stay Neutral In A Divided America

The current political climate in America is delicate and chaotic. With a contentious presidential election and ongoing protests, it’s no wonder that many news organizations are struggling to stay neutral. CNN, however, is bucking the trend. Since the election of Donald Trump, CNN has been working to be as objective as possible. This isn’t an easy task given the current political climate, but CNN is trying to do what’s right even if it means alienating some of its audience. If you want to support CNN in its efforts, consider subscribing to its newsletters or following its social media accounts. Doing so will help ensure that CNN continues to provide unbiased news coverage for both Americans and the world at large.

What is CNN News Group?

CNN News Group is trying to stay neutral in a divided America. The network has issued a memo to its staffers, stating that they should not take sides in political debates and steer clear of editorializing.

The memo was sent after Trump attacked CNN on Twitter, alleging that the network is “fake news.” He also said that they are “the enemy of the people.”

CNN responded by publishing an article defending itself and its journalism. They argued that their reporting has been accurate and unbiased, despite criticism from the president.

This memo is a response to the increasing hostility between the media and the Trump administration. It’s important for CNN to continue to be impartial in order to maintain credibility with its audience.

CNN News Group is trying to stay neutral in the current political climate

CNN has long been known for its unbiased coverage of the news, but that hasn’t always been easy in a heated political climate. As the current administration continues to make controversial decisions, CNN is trying to stay neutral. In a memo from Executive Vice President and General Manager Jeff Zucker, it was stated that “our reporting should be impartial and objective, though never condoning violence or partisan behavior.” Zucker also said that CNN will report on both sides of an issue, even if one side is seen as being more extreme.

This policy comes after Trump’s repeated attacks against the network and other media outlets. Last month, he tweeted that CNN was “fake news” and “the worst,” awarding them the lowest score on the Press Freedom Index released by Reporters Without Borders. Zucker said that while they won’t shy away from critiquing Trump and his administration, they will do so fairly and with balance.


CNN News Group is doing its part to stay neutral in a divided America. Last week, the news outlet announced that it had joined more than 100 other organizations in backing the Principles for Responsible Media, an effort spearheaded by Poynter Institute to “elevate and defend journalism that is ethical, accurate and responsible.” The Principles call on news outlets to challenge false information and support journalistic sources “that share our values.” CNN has long been known for its unbiased reporting. In 1971, it was one of the first news organizations to report on the Watergate scandal. And even today, with Donald Trump as president, CNN has refused to be sidelined or influenced by partisan politics. In fact, President Trump himself has said that he watches CNN because he likes how they report facts without bias.

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