Updated: 21st April 2018

What If ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Featured Justin Bieber Songs?

Its Beauty and the Beast as youve never heard it before using Justin Bieber songs.

Patty Cake Productions, a video company based in Orlando, Florida, has just posted a mini version of the classic Disney musical, where the characters croon Biebers tunes instead of the original soundtrack.

And it works amazingly well.

For instance, the song Ill Show You, proves to be a satisfying replacement for the original opening track, Belle, while his song Company is a great stand-in for Be Our Guest.

Beauty and the Bieber is the brainchild of Layne Stein and Tony Wakim, who have been working on the project for 5 and a half months.

We realized [Bieber] actually has a song called Beauty And The Beat, Wakim told HuffPost. Then we realized a lot of his songs fit the Beauty and the Beast narrative.

Stein and Wakim gathered a cast of 57 people and filmed the video on location at various Orlando landmarks that resembled a castle, a tavern and a French village.

They finished the video early Friday morning, just in time for opening day for the live-action Disney movie musical, starring Emma Watson.

Wakim hopes both Disney and Bieber appreciate the tribute.

We dont want to parody or poke fun, he said. We just wonder what musicals would sound like with other composers.

Stein and Wakim have done similar projects in the past, including Cinderswift, which is Cinderella with Taylor Swifts music; The Will.Of.Oz, a version of The Wizard Of Oz featuring the songs of the Black-Eyed Peas; and Snow Spears, which tells the story of Snow White using Britney Spears music.

Next up is Michaelificent, which will tell the story of Malificent using Michael Jackson songs.

We hope they dont stop till we get enough.

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