Updated: 22nd March 2018

Two Male Kim Kardashian Lookalikes Just Had A Pretty Intense Fight Over Social Media

If I ever get to become Paris Hilton’s friend and then I film myself having sex with a B-list rapper, I want you lot to promise me that you’re not going to spend a tonne of money to emulate my looks. You’ll end up looking like a weird mix between Hugh Grant and Bruce Forsyth. No one wants that.

For Kim Kardashian, on the other hand, people can go nuts trying as hard as they can and spending copious amounts of money on looking like her. Really doesn’t affect my budding reality show career.

BothJordan Parke and James Holt have spent thousands on surgery and the like to look as much like Kim Kardashian as possible and, well, they don’t really but, at the moment, that’s not the point.

The point is that James, 22, recently had a double-page magazine feature and, whilst happy for the exposure and such, he’s pretty pissed off that Jordan, 24, got a shout out. He wrote:

Im happy for a two page spread in America like anyone would be, obv. But why are they trying to make that Jordan relevant in the corner of my story. Its so annoying and Ive never had one procedure to look like Kim Kardashian

This immediately sparked a feud as Jordan posted this with a couple of very banal hashtags:

When someone hates you and you unknowingly pop up and steal the limelight #ByeBoo #OftenImitatedNeverDuplicated.

After that, it was every man for himself…

(I bet they’re delighted with that headline)

So basically, it’s an argument over who looks like more like Kim Kardashian… I won’t lie to you, I think I look more like her than both of these guys. Firstly, I had a shave this morning which already sets me head and shoulders above James and I’ve got hair which gives me the edge over Jordan… and I’ve only spent 50,000 on surgery! Compared to Jordan’s 150,000 and James’s 10,000.

But seriously, these guys are so far off looking like Kim Kardashian. You know what I see when I look at these?


Anyway, here’s what Jordan told Manchester Evening News (they’re both from Manchester):

Its not the first Facebook war weve had. Hes always trying to drag me down. Its so funny to me. He tried to take me down for the first interview I did with a national newspaper and hes gone and done the exact same thing.

He is where I was two years ago just with the lip fillers.

He is mad they brought me up in his article but I was the one doing it first so they are going to make comparisonsHes hating because his story isnt getting as much attention as mine.”

I don’t know. Each to his own, I suppose – just seems like that money could have gone to something better than copious amounts of lip filler and eyebrow pencils…

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