Updated: 21st April 2018

Taylor Swifts BFF Mentions North West In Tweets, People Arent Happy

And the drama continues.

For those of you a little behind on current celebrity affairs (I applaud you for this feat), there’s some serious beef between blonde country/pop singer Taylor Swift and famous-for-being-famous person Kim K and her rapper hubby Kanye West.

Basiclly,Kanye dropped his new song ‘Famous’, in which he said he might still ‘have sex’ with Taylor Swift, because he ‘made that bitch famous’.


Taylor acknowledged it in her Grammy acceptance speech, saying “there are always going to be people who try and take credit for your accomplishments, or your fame…”

Kanye responded by claiming that he actually had T Swizzle’s permission for the lyrics all along, and then everyone forgot about it for a few months.

But Kim K just couldn’t leave it be, and recently decided to release the footage of Kanye’s phone call with Taylor Swift as ‘proof’ she gave permission forthe lyrics.

And while she is seen to okay the part where Kanye says they might have sex, it’s worth pointing out that Kanye missed out a pretty big part. The part where he says ‘I made that bitch famous’… twice.

But you know, po-tay-tos po-tah-tos.

Lots of people were quick to share their opinions on the matter, but the resounding majority sit on the anti-Taylor side. But, if there’s one person who’s always going to be pro-Taylor it’s her longtime bestie Abigail Anderson.

She made a controversial but admittedly interesting point.

Some people agreed with her, but others were outraged she brought a child into the argument:

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