Updated: 22nd March 2018

Frenemies No More: Paris Hilton & Kim Kardashian Hung Out

Kris Jenner’s annual Christmas Eve partyis a tradition for the Kardashian-Jenner family and whatever men the girls are currently dating. It’s a time for photo booths and the world’s least subtle humble bragskind of like a really bougie bat mitzvah. It’s also the annual event that I use to help me avoid my family on Christmas Eve. Sorry mom, I can’t talk to that rando relative because I need to watch Kylie’s Snapchat story and figure out what dress Kendall is wearing.

Well this year Paris Hilton and her whole family snagged an invite, meaning that Paris and Kim K hung out. Tis the season, I guess?? Maybe Kim can only be dedicated to one feud at a time, and she’s decided to devote all of her energy to Taylor Swift, so Paris is finally off of her shit list. ICYMI, Kim and Paris were besties in the early 2000s. They wore coordinating Juicy Couture track suits, got drunk with Lindsay Lohan at clubs, texted on their RAZR phonesoh, and Kim organized Paris’ closet as a job. Not a single word in that sentence is still relevant, except for maybe “closet”.

Kim and Paris stopped being friends in approx 2009 when K started and Kim stopped being “friend of Paris Hilton” in tabloids. That friendship was only big enough for one viral sex tape. They had a weird passive-aggressive fight in the media for a while, until they hung out in Ibiza in 2014. But now they’re officially fam friends again and all is right in Kris Jenner’s clique of celebrity moms.

Lovely evening celebrating the holidays with @KimKardashian.

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Tbh Paris Hilton is having a rough time in the 2010s (20teens??). Her sister Nicky married a Rothschildlegit the family that invented banks and finance internshipsand has a baby. Her ex-bff Kim “broke the Internet.” But it’s cool that she DJs now, maybe she can perform at North’s 4th birthday party.

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